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Creative Storytelling Services for Businesses.

Creative Services.



Video Production

Mobile video consumption rises 100% each year. Video has proven to be a great investment for businesses, increasing sales, consumer trust, and online visibility. Bedrock Creative Media specializes in authentic storytelling that will resonate with your clients.

We offer a full range of video services - we work with you through all stages of the production process. This includes pre-production (story mapping, writing, outlining, and storyboarding), production (shot planning, location scouting, and filming), and post-production (graphics, audio, music, and editing).

Pricing varies depending on the complexity necessary to successfully tell your story, but we'll work with you to find the right price range to execute your vision. Drop us a line for a free consultation today!



Graphics + Design

A company’s visual identity is what makes the first impression on its clients. In addition to simply looking professional, a strong visual identity can be a creative differentiator, helping you stand out from your competition.

We offer full scope graphic design services - for print, for the web, and for video. This includes branding and visual identity work (logos, letterhead and document templates), physical marketing materials (flyers, business cards, posters, and handouts), motion design (video graphics or gifs that help to diagram processes or ideas), illustrations, and annual reports.

Pricing varies, so get in touch for a free consultation!



Creative Storytelling

The power of storytelling is becoming more apparent in the business world. Stories connect with people emotionally and inspire them to act. At Bedrock Creative Media, we strive to help forge a deep, personal connection between your business and your clients.

Our storytelling services cover a variety of mediums - video, digital, audio, and the written word. We bring a creative mindset to storytelling, including testimonial, company history and values, mission statements, organizational culture and personalities, events, and products.

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non-profit discounts

20% off non-profit discounts are standard for our work. Additionally, with extensive non-profit experience ourselves, we know the funding barriers and time constraints that many non-profits face. We're willing and able to work with you to develop creative strategies to meet your video, graphic, or storytelling needs.